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The Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce along with the City of Simpsonville is dedicated to attracting, expanding, and retaining diversified  economic opportunities in the Simpsonville area to enhance the quality of life for our community.
For more information contact Allison McGarity at the Chamber at 963-3781.

Why Simpsonville?

  • Simpsonville is the commercial and retail hub of southern Greenville County.
  • Simpsonville is located in the heart of The Golden Strip, one of the most prosperous and fastest growing areas of the most populated county (Greenville County) of the State of South Carolina.
  • Simpsonville is located at the crossroads of two interstate highways - I-385 and I-185, and just four miles south of I-85 which connects Atlanta to Charlotte.
  • Simpsonville residents enjoy high quality of life standards and supply the labor force for major corporations including BMW, Michelin, GE, Cryovac, Fluor, Grainger and Caterpillar.
  • The Simpsonville Area population is more than 80,000.
  • Simpsonville households have some of the highest income levels within Greenville County and throughout the state.
  • Simpsonville residents are among the most educated within Greenville County and throughout the state.


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W. Georgia Road Woodruff Rd at SC296
Fairview Road Fairview Rd a Harrison Bridge Rd
NE Main St I-385 at W. Georgia Rd
SE Main St Main St. at Curtis St

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