Leadership Golden Strip

Leadership Golden Strip opens doors for local business men and women with the desire and ability to shape the future of our vibrant community. Through face-to-face meetings with city, county, and state leaders and on-site visits to local institutions, agencies, and organizations, participants explore the major issues and unique challenges facing the Simpsonville area.

Leadership Golden Strip is offered through the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce to any interested individual who lives or works in Simpsonville. Both Chamber members and non-members are invited to participate. Monthly meetings kick off with a mandatory Orientation Session.  The group will be recognized with a graduation ceremony at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet.

This dynamic program supports the development of corporate and community leaders by:

  • Introducing participants to the various aspects of developing and maintaining a vibrant community,
  • Establishing dialogue with a wide range of community leaders,
  • Encouraging engagement in activities which contribute to the betterment of the community,
  • Providing employers with a source of knowledgeable and trained leaders who will have a positive impact on the business community.

The selection committee looks for applicants who:

  • Demonstrate a passion for their community as evidenced by active involvement,
  • Possess a record of achievement in community and civic activities, indicating past and future leadership ability,
  • Possess high standards of personal quality and integrity,
  • Show a dedication to commit the time required for the program, and
  • If employed, have the endorsement of their employers or some indication the employer would not object to their taking time from work to participate in the program.