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It's Small Business Season in Simpsonville!

This year, we’re celebrating Small Business Season™! Small Business Season is a global marketing initiative designed to bring awareness to how shopping local has a large positive impact on our community. Small businesses are your neighbors and friends. They provide over 60% of all new jobs and they are the first people we call upon to support local initiatives, nonprofits, and youth activities.

When they thrive, we thrive!

Small Business Season - Dine. Shop. Enjoy.
Small Business Season - Keeping Dollars Circulating
Small Business Season - Whether browsing online or strolling at the mall, do the right thing and choose to shop small.

As part of this initiative, we’re challenging you to support the small businesses in our area that make our community one of the best around. We’re asking you to make a small change in your spending habits for a big impact in our community this holiday season. Committing to switching just one thing you buy from an out of town business, can mean an increase of about 20% in revenue for our community. Imagine what we could do if everyone pledged to shop local.

Ways you can help small businesses this holiday season:

  • Buy, dine, and visit small
  • Write reviews
  • Tell friends about your favorite places
  • Buy local gift certificates
  • Share posts about shopping local and your favorite businesses on social media
  • Check-in on social media when shopping, dining, and visiting local

Let’s help our neighbors and start celebrating your Small Business Season commitment today!

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