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Political Affiliations Policy

The Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian 501(c)6 nonprofit organization. As such, the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce does not weigh in on the election of candidates at any level. We have found that it is important for the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce to be able to work with whichever candidate is chosen by the citizens to serve our local community and our business members.

Statement to Candidates:

As a candidate in an approaching election, we ask that you please respect the role of the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce in this regard. We encourage all candidates to get to know the local business community that makes up the Chamber membership. In order to do so all candidates that would like to network with voters at Chamber functions are asked to join the Chamber, a membership organization, at the basic Entrepreneur tier of membership for $275. This will allow us to communicate with you about Chamber events and programs, as well as list you on our website as an individual member. We hope that all candidates will use the Chamber as a vehicle to reach the public and to educate them on the issues that are important to the local business community. As part of the Chamber’s advocacy initiative we will host a candidate forum during each City election cycle to allow candidates the opportunity to present their ideas and network with voters.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • It is important that no candidate infer to the public or other Chamber members that the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce is making an endorsement of their candidacy.
  • For those candidates that attend functions, it is important to keep campaigning to a minimum in regard to disrupting the purpose of the meeting or function you are attending.
  • Campaign literature may not be placed on tables, chairs, or at the registration area at meetings or events, unless expressly allowed in keeping with the purpose of the particular event.
  • Candidates may purchase table sponsorships at events under the name of “Your Name, Candidate for XYZ Office” but may not sponsor events or programs where a logo is to appear on marketing materials, or a speaking opportunity is involved. If those benefits are included in any table sponsorships, the candidate must waive his/her rights to those benefits. It is in the Chamber’s opinion that this could constitute a perceived endorsement.
  • Employees of the Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce may not engage in any outside political activity that would imply Chamber partisanship toward any candidate.
  • Because of their leadership positions and potential roles as spokespersons for the Chamber, traditionally the Chair and Chair-Elect also refrain from publicly endorsing candidates.

Approved by Board of Directors March 21, 2019.


The Simpsonville Area Chamber of Commerce will always advocate for policies and legislation that drive a healthy business climate in the Simpsonville community. We fulfill this purpose by empowering our members through education and advocacy tools, sharing relevant and timely updates, calling for action on local and regional issues, and pursuing initiatives to promote business in our community.

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